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🌾 Yield: 250 Gram
🧠 Strength & Visuals: varies per species
📏 Size: 20 x 15 x 1 Centimeter
🌡️ Stock Temperature: 4 Celsius
⏳ Shelf Life: 2 Months, when unopened

Psilocybe Atlantis Magic Truffles | 25 grams
Mexicana A Magic Truffles | 25 grams


Buy Magic Truffles of the type Mexicana (Psilocybe mexicana)

When we write that our truffles are the best truffles for novices, we do not mean that you do not have to take them seriously. A serious effect, for a soft price. You will receive your order in a vacuum-packed bag, so you can preserve your truffles for a little while. They are delivered in less packaging material then other brands to spare the environment a little bit.

  • Just as powerful as mushrooms and known Magic Truffle brands
  • 15 grams of fresh Magic Truffles
  • Cheaper than other brands
  • Serious effect
  • Taste is similar to shii take (really)


The effect of Magic truffle can be felt after 20 to 60 minutes of intake although the first impact might sometime be noticeable after 10 minutes. The psychedelic trip often lasts between 3 and 6 hours before it starts fading gradually. The impact of Magic truffle is more intense within the first 3 to 4 hours, and the psilocin and Psilocybin experiences are usually colorful and full of visions.

If you ingest magic truffles or magic mushrooms, you will start hallucinating. Hallucinating is a sensation that has enthralled people for centuries. It is a strange phenomenon during which everything you see starts changing form. Objects begin to change their colors and shapes. You will discover an assortment of colorful closed-eyed-visuals, including mandala-shaped figures and worlds, or perhaps pictures of gods and elves. The planet earth is a lot livelier and sensational compared to what it already is. The walls can start to undulate and undulate. You may even experience the limits of the outside world; the macro cosmos starts fading to those of the inner magic truffles


You can eat truffles normally or make a tea. Either way on an empty stomach. Chew the magic truffles for a long time before swallowing. Truffle tea you can perfectly flavor with a tea of choice or honey. Let the (cut into little pieces) magic truffles soak in water for about 20 minutes, that is too hot to touch, but is definitely not boiling. Pour the truffle tea through a sieve or coffee filter. Squeeze out the pieces of truffle as much as possible. You can throw away the remainder or eat it.

Bad Trips

The can be a beautiful experience, but not with everyone. Unfortunately some people are prone to bad trips. If handled incorrectly some people will struggle with reality and cause a bad trip. Therefore, if you are new at this you must re

member the “Buddy System”. Where one sits out of the experience and to serve as the tether between reality and space. As a rule you must always admit any phobias to prepare the tether for when the moment arrives.

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